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Craighton Miller Seattle, WA

Bio: Photographer, geek, reader, writer, blogger, reviewer, technology buff , tech consultant, hardware enthusiast, entrepreneur, software devotee are one of the many phrases that you can use to describe me. Since 2000 when I received my first computer, a Windows 95 NEC Notebook, I have been attracted to the ins and outs of a computer. At a young age I used to pull apart my old computer and try to put it back together figuring out new ways to tinker with everything. 2008 was a big year for myself, during that year I purchased my first website, creating a small personal blog that I used to tinker with by creating themes and pulling apart the insides of the website to figure out how is worked. Since 2008 I have taken many PHP and HTML classes to figure out the guts of a website. The big revolutions came in 2009 when I bought my first server to totally control how my site works. I have found networking to be my niche. Although experienced in many fields of technology I have set my sights on networking for my future. Along with my knowledge I have found that my expansive knowledge has attracted people to come and gain experienced from me. To spread my knowledge to my community of followers I started a YouTube Channel and coupled with and my Twitter Account, I have made a deep impact in the growing technology world. My life has turned into a community effort to connect and help people in need as well as creating high quality content to spread on the web.