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Omar Habayeb Indianapolis, IN

Bio: I am part of the Empire Avenue movement once again! I am happy and excited to be back at Empire Avenue. I was a highly active and involved member of Empire Avenue from September 2010 to July 2013. I took a 7 month “sabbatical” and left the site. When I left Empire Avenue in July 2013, My account had an estimated net worth of 1.8 billion EAVs and a portfolio of 1.7 Billion will 100 Million EAvs in the bank. I had 8512 stocks in my portfolio and 8595 shareholders. The Empire Avenue Leaders movement (and available upgrade was what brought me back to Empire Avenue The site and everything in it (with the exception of several Empire Avenue members that I was pleased to call friends) has changed and I am but a newbie again. I look forward to learning and growing my social presence as well as evangelizing about people, causes, and products that are important to me. I have missed the ability to share and discover quality content with the Empire Avenue community. I have missed having a worldwide network. I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED by the Mission Feature in the fact that folks are completing the missions BECAUSE THEY WANT TO..not because they have to! Please be patient and understanding with me, if I don't buy your stock after you buying mine. I am a brand new Empire Avenue member and I need to focus on building wealth (EAV wealth anyway!) so that I can be a benefit to the Empire Avenue community. My favorite word to use is "OUTSTANDING" and my favorite phrase is "No, Hurries, No Worries, No Stress!" Favorite Foods are Chicken Wings and Brownies. I am a HUGE fan of Craft Beer. My favorite local brewing company is Triton Brewing In regards to Sci-Fy/Fantasy #1 favorite is Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. I also like Star Wars and Star Trek. Professionally, I am one of three founding members of the Online Division of Harrison College, having established the online admissions process and several of the basic tenets of Harrison College’s online enrollment management plan. Prior to working at Harrison College, I worked for Robinson Industries as an H.R. Specialist and Director of Human Resources. I started my career with Harrison College in February 2002. I have worked at the Indianapolis East, Muncie and Online campuses. My previous positions include Senior Admissions Representative, Associate Director of Admissions, Director of Admissions, Assistant Campus President at the Online Campus, Director of Higher Education Innovation. and th the Director of Operations Data and Research which is part data analysis, part R&D, part project management, and part crazy ideas (emphasis on the crazy ideas) I have spent the last 13 1/2 years at Harrison College and I am now in search of a suitable Operations Research Analyst position that can best utilize my skill set. I graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. double major in Political Science and Communication, a double minor in Philosophy and Organizational Communication, and an M.A. in Organizational and Professional Communication and Development, with an emphasis in Human Resources from Ball State University. I am a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and was active in the Student Government Association. I have taught introductory public speaking at Ball State, IUPUI, Butler and Ball State, and I am currently serving as President for the Indianapolis Junior Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation. I am married to an incredible, wonderful woman and have two daughters and two sons. A cat named Chester and the newest addition to our family...a 6 month old Australian Sheppard/Coon Mix Puppy...MOLLY! I love to swim, travel, camp, but what I really love to do is plan social parties and social trips. I will forever be a "Social Chairman" I have a large list of personal and professional life goals I want to accomplish. 2014 is the year where a lot of those goals are going to get their start. I am NOT an open networker type of guy who connects just to connect.I keep relatively tight tabs on my Facebook, so please don't be offended if I don't accept your friend request. ( I promise I won't mark it as Spam and get you sent to Facebook Jail! =) ) LinkedIn is kind of the same way. If I think that there could be a beneficial professional connection, then I will connect with you. Twitter and You Tube will all depend on the content.