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Ellen J. Harris MCIM EMBA MScT Hyde Park, NY

Bio: How to Reinterpret Your Business Future℠ presented to the most critical, most discerning business, most cynical business owners in the United States of America. A tough crowd in attendance. Eight professionals presented along with me, live! Technical issues, yes. But everyone, without exception, came back again and again. Their comments were astounding! Incredible content, unlike any workshop I've ever attended, amazing information I never heard before, I actually learned something, original content presented honestly, unscripted, spontaneous, high net worth, quality, exceptional value, "I wish I had said yes when you invited me to present", best workshop of the year. Honest. Filled with integrity. No hype. My jaw dropped. More than amazing. When is the next one? So much hard work went into this event and it shows. Exceptional! Excellent. Humbled and grateful am I the presentations were well received. Happy to identify the thinkers in the market.