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Bio: As a passion and profession I’m a digital strategist. You could say that I am part chief marketing officer and part technologist. I specialize in online marketing, social media networking, digital media and creating online influence through implementing holistic corporate digital strategy. Currently, I am the Head of Digital for a well-known global organisation’s operations in Asia. Here I cover all aspects of digital strategy as a means to drive customer engagement, enhance brand awareness, improve product positioning and ensure better than expected ROI. On the fun side I am able to handle copious amounts of chilli, make sense of undecipherable maps, read crystal balls, speak many tongues, play a pipe and paint masterpieces. Any views expressed here, my social media profiles or on my blog “Ishmael's Creative Gems for the Jaded” (i are strictly my own and do not reflect the views of my current employer, past employers or past clients.