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Jessica Blankenship Scottsville, KY

Bio: 23.Mommy to Aidan & Adisyn. There is nothing in my life that makes me doubt that my kids were meant to be mine. I would do nothing to change this. I love being able to kiss their sweet little faces or chase them around the house just to hear those awesome giggles =) I spend most of my days watching cartoons with the kids. Playing cars, or boogy monster, or chasing them. Having kids is alot of fun as well as alot of work. The work part doesn't matter as much, but it is harder than most people think. I am a stay at home mom with dreams to start my own business. =) Avid Reader. Avid Crafter. Teaching myself to crochet... I love to sew & make things (doesn't matter what it is). I love giveaways & reading peoples blogs. I love finding new people & the beautiful ideas they carry with them.