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Steven Johnson Manchester, WA

Bio: Empire stuff: 1 year stock price rise: $528, Porfolio growing at 200 million per month for several months straight now, approx. 90 days from multi-billion (2bb) Individual leaderboard by this fall. (less) Relevant Stuff: 7 figure Network Marketer (circa 1980 - 5k+ distributors) Multi-7 figure Internet Marketer (self-developed course, 3mm in 10 mos - 2003) 20 years running hundreds of domains on my own dedi servers Oldest domain - 1995 (several hundred owned, more than 1000 hosted/managed) CPA with tax,regulatory, management and hospitality focus Over 30 years of real estate investing and consulting Built thousands of personal computers and many small networks in the 90's 5 years global response center technical support BBS (bulletin board) SysOp of a 10,000 member gaming/chat board - dialup and telnet Twitter insane since 2008 - 30+ accounts, 2.7 million followers - another million built for big industry players 20 million in my LinkedIn Prof Network Warrior Forum since 2003 Nautical fanatic (built my first wood hull sailboat at 15) Surfed both hemispheres by age 19 Climber, backpacker, high-country student (50+ years) Open Source software evangelist (technical editor of Postnuke Getting Started Guide- c. 2001) Currently in prelaunch of a FLV (like the flash format) FORBES LIST VESSEL - a global physical AND digital marketing support infrastructure designed to produce 9 figures monthly early-adopter phase (less than 20 - so FLEETING) is here -