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Alice Wiedow Frankfurt Am Main

Bio: Hello, I am Alice, from Shanghai, born in Chengdu, You know the hometown of Panda is Sichuan, That it is mine too. ^_^ My life keywords: Love & Balance Life is not for rent, balance your life and work ! Don't you think so they are most important in your life? Are you curious about what is my business ? I believe all the people loves beauty, Beauty is something that we recognise instinctively. A baby of three months will smile longer at a face judged by adults to be "attractive". That is a kind of beauty. Long lustrous hair has always been a sign of good health; mascara makes eyes look bigger and younger; blusher and red lipstick mimic signs of sexual arousal. painting the art pattern on your nail by magic nail printer that is beauty. Have you ever walking in the lavender field feeling from the fragrance just like heaven? Have you ever been touched by hot stone massage? The heat stone going with aroma going deep into your muscle, all the pain and stress release in one moment. That is my choice - Beauty & Wellness Industry. Of course, when you falling love with someone, that's a kind of beauty too! Why the beauty industry are my business ? Most luxury-goods groups now have perfume brands, make-up and creams too. The new technique of nail care & beauty groups up too. At the same time the industry is consolidating. Many innovative younger nail care brands have been groups up . The market needs new technique of fashion which can be infuse new business opportunity with fresh blood. Where do I do my business ? Most in Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Japan, Europe, America... My customers are importer, distributor, beauty salon, nail studio, SPA, retailer. For now, I'm living in Germany and going to build up a new European branch of the company I'm with full of confidence to promote this business opportunity with honest,sincerely, and wisdom. Enjoy the beautiful Life with love... I am proud of my business which is bring me many opportunity to know the beautiful & wellness world. Can you hear my heart is singing like a bird through the mountain, sky, and ocean... Love to be loved by my fiancé Andreas... Life is limited but love is endless, enjoy your beautiful life with full of love... This is what it's all about me. Warm Regards , Alice Wiedow