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Bio: Investment policy = Same as e)eminance I am RKI "Railway Kids India" set up to Fund Raise for Railway Children of India. My Profile is Managed by Barry Gumm of e)eminance & e)revampyourmi RKI provides residential and daytime programs to children and young people that reside on or around the busy railway platform at Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. All families linked to the program suffer from severe poverty and are mostly illiterate with little hope of a better future for themselves or their children. Parent or carers may have chronic drug and alcohol misuse, disabilities, mental health issues, gambling habits and untreated health issues. Domestic violence is common. some children have been abandoned or orphaned. Almost all children and young people are addicted to the use of ink whiteners to self-dedicate. many of the children are under pressure from their families to bring home money each day and are poorly supervised, often abused and neglected. On the railway the children can also become the victims of sexual abuse, be exploited by traffickers and beaten by police. (sometimes with sticks) RKI is reaching out to these children an dyoung people to offer a place of safety; practical assistance; emotional support; encouragement; love; acceptance and the hope of a better future. RKI recognizes that the children and young people accessing our programs are at high risk and vulnerable to harm due to their experience of trauma. We are committed to the ongoing development and implementation of risk management strategies to reduce the likelihood of harm and ensure that the safety, welfare and well being of children is paramount within the culture and running of the organization.