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Irene Tomoe Cooper Tokyo

Bio: Founder & President, Date Confidence, Inc. International Love Coach putting the fun back into dating and building meaningful relationships. アイリーン・トモエ・クーパー 〜恋愛・結婚コーチ&ニッチマッチメーカー〜 大手外資系上場企業の日本立ち上げに携わり、わずか7人のスタッフから7年間で250人までに成長させ、副社長となる。その後ロンドンへ転勤、更に34カ国、340人のスタッフ組織をマネージメントする。欧州に転勤になる前に自己成長のため、アンソニー ロビンズの日本からの初めてのプラチナパートナーとして、又ジェームス スキナーの日本立ち上げを手伝う事をきっかけに、人間関係力向上のコーチングを受け経験を積み重ね、2005年からマリッジコンサルティン会社の COOとして、これまで6000人以上の男女にマッチメーキングやアドバイス、恋愛セミナーを行って来た。 自身でキャリアと結婚の両方の成功や失敗を経験して来た結論として、人は「生き甲斐と愛」が両方無ければ将来心満ち足りた本当の幸せをつかむ事は出来ないと考えた。独立後は仕事、キャリアや国際ビジネスについてのコンサルティングをしながら、国際恋愛のコンサルティングやセミナーの講師としても活動している。 *〜*〜*〜*〜*〜*〜* Irene Tomoe Cooper Founder & President, Date Confidence, Inc. Also a Love Coach Employed as the 7th staff for the Japanese operations for an International American firm in 1994 and within 7 years, grew the business to 250 employees with Tomoe being promoted as the youngest Vice President in Japan to oversee 11 countries throughout Asia Pacific. When the company went public on the NYSE, the company sales soared over $3.2 billion. Soon after Tomoe was transferred to Europe to oversee 34 countries and 340 employees. Prior to moving to Europe, Tomoe was trained by Anthony Robbins in his Platinum Partnership programme, worked with James Skinner during his launch in Japan, and learned the personal skills necessary to develop her business and personal skills for success. In 2005, Tomoe was the COO as well as a Matchmaking Consultant for a Marriage Consulting Company, consulting and advising over 6000 single men and women through one-on-one and relationship seminars. Tomoe realized after failing and then succeeding in her career and relationships, is that one must have both work/career and love to fully be satisfied, happy, and fulfilled in life. Tomoe is an International Relationship Expert & Success Coach in which she bases her coaching on her years of personal experiences and studies in business as well as the skills she refined through working with and mentoring thousands of single and married individuals throughout these years.