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William Pitcher Mississauga, ON

Bio: Check out for hundreds of tips & discussion about Empire Avenue. This is more than a game for me. I think Empire Avenue is the beginning of something big. You can invest in me knowing that I am going to stick with it to see if we have discovered the next Facebook or Twitter. I think we might have. I have already had a real world business lead here. That got my attention. I am a consultant for charities and a green energy generating company. So, I think I will look for people making a positive difference in this world. However, I am starting by giving back to those that support me if I think they are a decent buy. While I get my bearings, here's my LinkedIn summary: I provide philanthropic fundraising and sponsorship services to charities. As one of these services, I organize overseas expeditions as fundraising events on behalf of nonprofits or companies raising money for causes. Increasingly, I am developing new business opportunities for green energy generation including solar array ownership and investment.