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iDreamDigital Victoria, BC

Bio: We are a fun and focused boutique web design & development agency made up of highly experienced professionals and based out of Victoria, on the gorgeous pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada. From beautiful Vancouver Island we provide a full range of web design and development services to our partners and patrons in Alberta, British Columbia and California. For ten years we've been building great websites and applications, designing brochures, logos, business cards, standards, UI and animations all to the accolades of our wonderful stakeholders. We are 87% direct-to-client, 13% partnerships and are right at home in the trenches. We believe that practical and functional can still be amazing, and we would love to do something amazing for you. Give us a shout or drop us an email today -- just to talk, request a quote, or anything. We're always busy but never too busy to chat. email: phone: 250 294 2265 --- On the topic of Empire Avenue... We love it! It's a great way to inventivize feedback, connect with fun new people, and learn more about our industry; the potential seems limitless. With that said the reality of our business is such that we spend the vast majority of our time with clients and working. That means we don't necessarily have the time to keep our dividends up as high we (or you!) might like. So, if you need to sell us: not to worry. We just suggest you hold on to one measly share so that if and when we have some eavs to spread around that you still get and benefit from the same.